CIAC Quality Star Ratings for Industries & Corporates

Your organization wants to show responsibility by making sure that its facilities, equipment, products and services comply with quality, health & safety, environmental and social responsibility imperatives?

If yes, then we are able to carry out inspections of your facilities, equipment and products, and audits of your systems and processes against practically any referential, on a local or worldwide basis. Inspections and audits will ultimately enable us to grant a certification to your organisation.

Need of Quality:

Survival in the business industry requires you to be tough and flexible. Business is a difficult venture. You have to make your way through and outperform competitors. Businesses nowadays have also gone global. You have to compete with other business entities from the world over. Because of the tough competition in the business scenes, getting the attention and the trust of customers has become increasingly difficult. This is where quality improvement comes in.

Quality plays a vital role in any business. Consumers want the best and want to pay the lowest possible price for products that are of the greatest quality. Moreover, quality is also one of the main components of being able to stay in the game despite the competition around you.  Constant quality improvement is important in keeping you afloat. This has to do with eliminating or reducing the losses and waste in the production processes of any business. Quality improvement most often involves the analysis of the performance of your business, products, and services and finding ways to further improve them.

There are certain techniques that can help you in achieving quality improvement. Knowing these steps can lead you to improved quality in your business.

Benchmarking or comparing your company to the best or the top of the field will also be beneficial. You have to identify what makes an organization or company ‘the best’ and why the consumers want to purchase these products or services.  Compare the quality and cost of their products with yours. Also include the processes that use to produce them. This can help you in looking for your own business factors that you have to improve upon for success.

Quality improvement is not just a one-time process. It needs to be continued despite the success that a company or organization is appreciating. Competitors will always try their best to outwit you. And so, you have to continue on improving your products and services in order to offer more to your clients. This will not only lead you to more sales but also to a better reputation in the industry.  Keep in mind that it is often more work to stay on top than to get to the top!