The Confederation of International accreditation Commission- CIAC Standards become a simple and effective instrument for measurement institutional education quality on an international level as a result of they’re not littered with native legislative formats, laws or cultural idiosyncrasies.

Any institution that intends to earn the accreditation standing from the Confederation of International accreditation Commission- CIAC should demonstrate compliance, through the applying for accreditation (Self-Assessment Report), with the education quality standards set forth by the Confederation of International accreditation Commission- CIAC.

The accreditation standards set forth by the Confederation of International accreditation Commission- CIAC are:


  • A1. Institutional Identification
  • A2. Organisational Legal Standing
  • A3. Accreditation, Recognition, Affiliations & References
  • A4. Institutional Facilities
  • A5. Overall Monitory stability
  • A6. Staff Quality & Proficiency
  • A7. Instructional Values & Ethics
  • A8. Permanent Internal Control
  • A9. Constant Improvement


  • B1. Data Analysis & Veracity
  • B2. Admission Guidelines
  • B3. Legal Bindings & Contract
  • B4. General Assistance
  • B5. Additional Services


  • C1. Curriculum/ Programs Description
  • C2. Hours of study
  • C3. Program objectives & expected learning outcomes
  • C4. Program contents & materials
  • C5. Program delivery & teaching availability
  • C6. Program update
  • C7. Teaching methodology & guidelines
  • C8. Study material or guidance
  • C9. Faculty Proficiency
  • C10. Assessment & Evaluation Criteria
  • C11. Certificate or diploma
  • C12. Transcript or equivalent








Importance of Quality Assurance & Accreditation

In nearly each country, education is controlled and monitored by the national government that promulgates education policy. As free markets, open frontiers, and individualism unfold around the world, however, several nations are adapting their education systems to the lot of liberal, competitive and numerous. Today, education is rising as a various, competitive, decentralized “system,” with spirited personal and public sectors during which schools and universities relish relatively high autonomy. Accreditation is one amongst the foremost factors to watch education quality behind this international trend. Accreditation reflects the comparative benefits {of numerous of several of numerous} and diverse establishments and ways of upper education and respects their core values of autonomy, self-governance, scholarship, and, therefore, the assurance of educational quality through critique or accreditation.

Employers, parents, students, etc all look to accrediting organizations for consistent and reliable data regarding instructional establishments. There’s no single model for providing data regarding education quality that’s thus vital for public irresponsibleness. The accreditation from the Confederation of International accreditation Commission- CIAC wishes to relate every institution own structure associated procedures with economical thanks to guaranteeing their irresponsibleness.​