Aims and Objectives for CIAC Affiliated Accreditation Bodies 


Some of our main key objectives for all associated bodies are to assess and accredit the private universities, colleges and/or institutions of technical, professional& vocational training education or one or more of their units, i.e. departments, institutions, programmes, etc.

Assessment and Accreditation is basically based on the following criteria:

  • Institutional Goal their Mission & Vision;
  • Overall Programme Educational Objectives;
  • Programme Outcome;
  • Student Learning Outcome;
  • Continuous Improvement;
  • Mapping of Course Objectives with Programme outcome;
  • Faculty& Overall Facilities;
  • Any other aspect as decided by the General Council (G.C) and/or Executive Committee (E.C.).

 The main objectives of assessment and accreditation are to: 

  • Assess and grade private universities, colleges and/or institutions of technical professional and vocational education, the courses and programs offered by them, their various units,faculty, department etc.;
  • Contribution to the sphere of knowledge in its discipline;
  • Stimulate the academic environment and quality of teaching and research in these institutions;
  • Motivate colleges and/or institutions for research, and adopt teaching practices that groom their students for the innovation and development of leadership qualities;
  • Encourage innovations, self-evaluation and accountability in higher education; Promote necessary changes, innovations and reforms in all aspects of the working;
  • And Help educational bodies realize their academic objectives.