Aims and Objectives for CIAC Affiliated BBP Bodies

The main objective of CIAC Global is to implement global Better Business Practices across the industrial sectors through periodic assessment and evaluation according to international standards.

CIAC BBP Assessment is based on the following criteria:

  • Organizational Goals and their Mission & Vision;
  • Administrative & Legal Responsibilities;
  • Industry Integrity & Business Transparency;
  • Business Process & Methodology
  • Product & Service Quality;
  • Trust & Confidence;
  • Employee Training & Satisfaction;
  • Honest & Truthful Publicity;
  • Customer Complaints & Promise Honour;
  • Privacy Policy

The main objectives of assessment are to: 

CIAC BBP for Organizations

  • Assess and grade through Star Ratings the organizations in MSME and Corporate sectors based on criteria set for them.;
  • Encourage & inspire organizations to perform better;
  • Enhance their efficiency and productivity
  • Employee satisfaction and retention
  • Contribution in the sphere of knowledge in their respective sector;
  • Motivate organizations for research and adapt to technical knowhow for a sustainable Growth;
  • Encourage innovations, self-evaluation and accountability towards their consumers;
  • Help organizations realize their business objectives & goals.