Is all accreditation the same?

A. No. All accreditation is not the same. Accreditation has many purposes. There are several groups who accredit for different reasons. CIAC exists to help the global organizations & Institutes and academic bodies to obtain quality assurance certification & rating services by gaining accreditation that is not government affiliated & private through self regulation.

Is the size of the organization / institute a requirement before a entity can be a member of CIAC?

A. No. Accrediting Commission International realizes that some of the most reputable organizations/ Institutions & startups have started with very few employees, students and partners and hence it makes no difference to us at the time or your application and we have a non biased approach towards it.

What is the average cost for gaining membership in Accrediting Commission International?

A. please checks the accreditation fees & benefits section. The school pays one round-trip air fare; two nights boarding & lodging; and two days car rental. We use flexible saving option for all traveling plans.

Do the benefits of membership justify the cost?

A. Yes. Absolutely!
One of the first questions a prospective buyer of your service asks an organization to prove your credibility through quality standards and hence QA ratings and accreditation becomes utmost important. Quality assurance through benchmarking helps point them in the right direction. Organizations use our name as a referral and the testimonies of the institutes who use our service are many. Hundreds of organizations have gained by our membership each year based on the fact that the organization is accredited. The cost can easily be covered in added programs and qualities pointed to by our visitor(s).

Is an on-site visit or external audit essential for applicant, even if they have been accredited in the past?

A. Yes. There are several reasons for this. We realize that in each organization involved in varied fields have big setup and big investments or rather big business. Since there is financial involvement in this business everywhere, there are undesirable institutions. We cannot fully know what a organization is doing if we do not actually “see” firsthand what they are doing. Accreditation or quality rating certification without a personal visit is all but worthless, but in few exceptional cases where we have the required compliance completed for application based on documented and pictured evidence submission we can have the other means of conducting online audit or site inspection using various digital mode of communication available through the mode of internet.

A. No. CIAC members are encouraged to work in the bounds of the laws of the country of their origin or state where they live. And we strongly believe that no one can ever replace the law of land, so it becomes your responsibility to apply for whatever legal licenses and accreditations are required to comply with the statutory government regulations.

Will CIAC provides our name and address to anyone who asks?

A. We do not provide this list to the general public, unless it’s with the proper consent of the member.

Will CIAC recommends our organization to potential customer.

A. Yes. We receive calls daily in varied industries. We try to recommend organizations which have the nearest to detail of the customer looking for. In some cases we do take into consideration geographic location of the organizations, but sometimes this is not necessary.

Are CIAC Schools required observing civil rights laws where they exist?

A. Yes. CIAC insists that our membership does not discriminate because of race.
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