Regulations & Policies for CIAC BBP Membership

A private non-government quality assurance & rating agency like CIAC works on the premises of regulations that it follows and have them implemented in its member organizations. These regulations govern the course of implementing better business practices through maintenance of set standards in methodology and processes of member organizations as well as they establish the integrity of CIAC Global for the authenticity of its BBP. These regulations are maintained all throughout the cycle of BBP right from receiving the application to the time till CIAC BBP stays with the member body.

1. Regulations for the BBP Standards

The regulations for CIAC BBP membership are a set of rules to guide through the BBP process, while meeting the CIAC compliances. BBP is a set process which requires the applicant organizations to have certain licenses obtained and some registrations done in order to run the business safely in respective countries, which is the basic to have CIAC BBP membership. Having cleared that, CIAC checks through its process if the organization comply with CIAC set quality standards and to what degree. CIAC policy & regulation is divided into Pre BBP Procedures and Post BBP Policies:

1.1 Pre BBP Procedure:

The organization needs to undergo a procedure that determines its eligibility to see if it qualifies to be granted CIAC BBP membership or not. The steps from application to final BBP certificate are listed down for the convenience of the applicants.

1.1.1 Eligibility 

The basic eligibility for any organization to obtain CIAC BBP membership is to have proper authorization from the local governing bodies to run the said business or teach & confer course certificates to declare the set standards of quality in the goods / services. Company should be registered with proper government authorities with basic licenses obtained as a regular business entity. It could be a government or a private organization, provided maintaining the international standards.

1.1.2 Application 

The assessment of applying organization starts from the application process itself. A self-assessment system has been incorporated by CIAC Better Business Practices in major industrial sector in the form of an application form that requires the assessing organization to fill up with required details pertaining to set standards. The organization fills out the information in the self-assessment form, complying the set standards along with the documentary proves of it doing so. In case of some standards not applicable, the onus is on the organization to clarify the reason and also to ascertain as to how it will compensate for the absence of it. The self-assessment report i.e. the application form and supporting documents should be presented in English language only. Denial or unjustified delay to provide proper evidence or explanatory reports will stop the assessment process. The CIAC guarantees the confidentiality of any documents and data submitted by the organization / institution, as well as any information pertaining to the BBP process.

 1.1.3 Modes to Apply

There are various ways that an organization may apply for CIAC BBP: Fulfilling the Set Criteria 

Any establishment seeking CIAC BBP should demonstrate through the application or self-assessment report that it meets CIAC’s set standards. Non-compliance may be considered if proper reasoning is provided through documentary proves. It takes about a month for the BBP process to complete after the self-assessment report has been properly submitted with required documents to CIAC. IAU Members  

There is an automatic entry for BBP of the educational institutes which are a member of the UNESCO International Association of Universities through a listing in the IAU Handbook which is considered upon recommendation request by any of their board members to the CIAC Secretary or President.  CIAC Choiced Members. 

The members of a set of accredited agencies or bodies whose accreditation is considered at par or similar with CIAC have been given an automatic entry for BBP by CIAC, based on the prior consideration. In case, the organization loses its membership with the CIAC Choice body, it may have to go through the same rigorous  re-BBP process of CIAC.

 1.1.4 Assessment

The complete application with required documents by an applying organization is assigned to an evaluation team comprising of its officials and board members for initial screening. The submitted facts are established for their authenticity and checked for compliance with the set regulation standards of CIAC. The assessment report thus prepared is distributed to the members who have a week to revert on approval or disapproval and grades of the initial BBP report. An interview or a physical audit to establish facts may be necessary in some cases. The president can review the ultimate BBP report and endorse the ensuing standing considering the following: Respect for institutional autonomy (for educational institutes) 

Although having a set international regulation standards,  CIAC respects the academic establishment’s autonomy, meaning that it can have its own internal systems and methodology of delivering education and maintaining standards which may differ from CIAC standards but CIAC approves those standards if they comply with specifications that are established as international standards. However, these methodologies should be clearly explained whenever completely different from CIAC’s standards. The BBP methods may vary significantly relying upon explicit circumstances. Even so, the CIAC has embarked on standards that any sensible quality establishment ought to meet. Navigational Assistance 

CIAC BBP not only endorses the organization’s quality standards but also helps in improving its approach towards excellence. The business consulting approach of CIAC makes it very clear that an organization can identify areas where it needs guidance & assistance to improve processes and regulations. The Commission makes a transparent distinction between what’s needed for BBP and what’s suggested for improvement of the establishment.  Cost-efficient method. 

CIAC doesn’t want to burden the organization with unnecessary procedural hiccups and to incur needless expenses in obtaining BBP. That’s why the simple yet efficient methods are employed to carry out the entire BBP procedure which is as economical as its cost-efficient by minimizing the utilization of interviews, website visits & reports, and by eliminating, whenever potential, duplication of efforts between the CIAC Global BBP Membership and other review processes.

1.1.5 BBP Ratings and Final Report

Upon successful assessment, a close final BBP report is prepared for the applicant organization with Quality Star Ratings that define the level of compliance that the organization has maintained with the CIAC standards. The organizations that don’t score outstanding are not debarred from obtaining BBP; however lower the ratings, more improvement is required by the establishment to reach the desired level. The analysis of every commonplace is hierarchal per the subsequent scale:












Perfect with no immediate need for improvement Almost perfect with some scope for improvement Need retrospection for further improvement On the verge of inefficient, needs lots of improvement

Not enough to qualify; need to work on all aspects

Based upon the star ratings, an organization qualifies to either Full or Conditional BBP. Moreover, the organization is denied the BBP if it fails to qualify. The status or BBP standing is given as under:

Full Accreditation              : On score A and A+

Conditional Accreditation : On score B & B+

Denial of accreditation       : On score C

All the BBPs are valid for one year and renewal is required by the end of each year. The failed establishments may apply again after 3 months with improved processes and a better score. The application fee is non-refundable for debarred establishments. And a new application fee is charged for the second attempt for BBP.

CIAC BBP affects solely to the licensed establishment and it’s not transferable to any connected third parties. If an licensed establishment interacts with a non-BBP third party, that interaction could embody a press release of participation of the Confederation of International BBP  Commission- CIAC licensed establishment, however it mustn’t indicate or counsel that the interaction itself, or the other parties concerned, at licensed.