Why Accreditation

Importance of Accreditation

An organization / institution that deals in either products, services or concepts need to get them endorsed by a third party agency which is qualified to do so as well as unbiased in its approach, so as to give the assurance to the consumers of the standards maintained by the organization / institution as per the global standards in that industry. The sustained quality of a product or service can never be assured unless the process has been checked, improved to match the standards and certified by such an agency like CIAC Global. CIAC Global, through its meticulous evaluation system that checks for sustainability in the process & methodology, not only vouch for quality standards but also help organizations / institutions achieve those standards.

Consumers usually feel insecure accessing the international market when they need to measure the quality of a foreign product / service and service provider with the standards known to them (set forth by their own country). CIAC accreditation provides a global quality reference not limited or constrained by local regulations or idiosyncrasies.

Importance in Education

In nearly each country, education is controlled and monitored by the national government that promulgates education policy. However, education is rising as a competitive & decentralized “system,” as several nations are adapting to a liberal, competitive and numerous system resulting in a higher autonomy in schools and universities. Accreditation is one amongst the foremost factors to watch education quality behind this international trend. Accreditation reflects the comparative benefits through respecting the core values of autonomy, self-governance, scholarship, and, therefore, the assurance of educational quality through critique or accreditation.

Employers, parents, students, etc all look to accrediting organizations for consistent and reliable data regarding instructional establishments. There’s no single model for providing data regarding education quality that’s thus vital for public irresponsibleness. The accreditation from the Confederation of International accreditation Commission better business practices Accredited membership - CIAC wishes to relate every institution own structure associated procedures with economical thanks to guaranteeing their irresponsibleness.​

The comprehensive compilation of institutions provided by the European ENIC-NARIC Network (National Academic Recognition Information Centres) and the UNESCO IAU (International Association of Universities) is usually limited to traditional universities recognized by their corresponding Ministry of Education. The creative & interactive approach in major degree & diploma courses in higher education prevent them from being recognized in the established traditional education system.

The CIAC BBP accredited membership Accreditation becomes the best way to deal in such cases because it recognizes learning in any form not just the traditionally established one. It is essential to recognize that in a global market, accreditation does take on many forms. What institutions of higher learning should be considering is not adding more local accreditations in their home nation, but a truly international accreditation standard that may serve in the global market arena.

Importance in Other Industries

Accreditation in Education is a well known concept but often people confuse quality standards in other industries as something different. The fact is, it is as important to have the same quality standards maintained in all other industries as it is in education. CIAC Global has developed its own set of processes which guide organizations to adopt Better Business Practices which not only checks the quality of the products or services but also the ethics, honesty and other measures which ensure consumer happiness that he / she derives from the consumption of the bought products / services.

After a thorough research in the consumer behaviour, CIAC Global has developed a whole set of criteria which makes a product / service and its producer more customer friendly which will make it more likely to be consumed by the customer. It assures the producers that such better business practices, if adopted in their full manifestation, will help in increase the business and earn it a good name which is more likely to remain in the  memory of the consumer for a long time.