Certification is the procedure by which a third party gives written assurance that a product, process, system or person conforms to specified requirements.CIAC certification is a Quality Management System certification. It ensures that the certified organization complies with the requirements of CIAC global standards.

Certification to the CIAC standard is not only your requirement, but a common way to demonstrate conformity to the standard by using a third-party certification body, which in turn is accredited by an internationally recognized accreditation body.

Registration to CIA Commission is not only a large marketing benefit, it can also help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisations management system therefore delivering tangible benefits to improve profitability and business sustainability. Some major benefits include:

  • Cost savings – International Standards help optimise operations and therefore improve the bottom line.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction – International Standards help improve quality, enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales.
  • Access to new markets – International Standards help prevent trade barriers and open up global markets.
  • Increased market share – International Standards help increase productivity and competitive advantage.
  • Environmental benefits – International Standards help reduce negative impacts on the environment.

The Hallmark Of Our Certification Is The International Reputation Of Our Competence And Impartiality Backed By Highly Experienced And Knowledgeable Auditing Personnel.

Success And Quality Go Hand In Hand. In Today’s Fast Paced World, The Company With The Competitive Edge Emerges Successful. CIAC Is Active In All Business Sectors In The Certification Of Management Systems. A Certificate From CIA Commission Lets Potential Customers Recognise That The Company Complies With Stringent Quality Norms.