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CIAC Better Business Practices Benefits

CIAC Better Business Practices is a process endorsement framework that evaluates, improvises and standardizes the process flow that is critical to the quality standards of the business establishments. Adaptation to better business practices as per the industry standards ensures better efficiency and cost cutting leading to better performance with sustained growth.

Performance Improvement
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Performance Improvement

Inspiration to achieve a better CIAC Star Rating and constant counselling, CIAC BBP Accredited members enjoy continuous performance improvement. CIAC has perfected its standards in most industry verticals from a decade long practice of better business styles which it shares with its members and guide them through a well-defined system to follow the right tracks for better performance. Constant performance improvement is directly linked with organizational as well as employee growth.

Increased Efficiency
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Increased Efficiency

CIAC BBP helps an organization in streamlining its business processes & methodology, resulting in better utilization of available resources which leads to increased efficiency. Changing Star Ratings based on performance, constantly keeps the fire burning under their feet for doing better all the time. A well tuned& oiled machine is bound to perform with improved efficiency than a machine which has alignment problems. CIAC BBP members find new ways of process improvement through consultancy.

Building Trust & Credibility
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Building Trust & Credibility

A performing product or service would always earn praises from its users but a trust or credibility is built from sustained performance. CIAC BBP helps organizations build a system which gives consistent output through improved processes even to regularize the quality of RM. A consistent good quality performance of a brand builds trust amongst its users and a trusted brand creates loyal clients who don't want to leave the brand in a short run.

Customer Satisfaction & Retention
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Customer Satisfaction & Retention

A quality product or service not always ensures customer satisfaction. The key is in the perception of the benefits that the consumers reap by consuming a product or service. Apart from variable like marketed value, user references, the price index, etc., endorsement from a reputed accreditation agency like CIAC Global leaves no doubt in users mind about the quality of the product. Therefore, CIAC BBP Accredited Membership enhances customer satisfaction and helps retain it.

Benefits of the CIAC Accreditation

  • Improvement
  • Recognition
  • Promotion
  • Networking
  • Quality Control
  • Conflict Resolution

CIAC Accreditation Process

  • Application
  • Dossier Submission
  • Candidacy Status
  • Audit
  • Full Accreditation
  • Melioration

Become A Volunteer

  • Apply to Volunteer
  • Volunteer Profiles
  • Evaluator Documents
  • Volunteer Training
  • Value of Peer Review
  • Code of Conduct

CIAC is a private, non-governmental, self regulated and fastest growing accreditation/rating agency working towards improvement of quality assurance standards round the globe. Many organizations worldwide are applying for their CIAC Quality Assurance certification.

CIAC Accredited Organizations Are Entitled To

Get Accreditation by the CIAC

Get Accreditation by the CIAC

Use the CIAC name and seal

Use the CIAC name and seal

Receive an Accreditation Certificate

Receive an Accreditation Certificate

Get support for building your international network

Get support for building your international network

Get promoted on CIAC social media

Get promoted on CIAC social media

Use the CIAC monitoring and feedback services

Use the CIAC monitoring and feedback services

Be periodically informed of any comments received on its behalf

Be periodically informed of any comments received on its behalf

Promote their organization through CIAC Network Worldwide

Promote their organization through CIAC Network Worldwide


The Confederation of International Accreditation Commission - CIAC is a private, non-governmental, self regulated and fastest growing accreditation/rating agency working towards improvement of quality assurance standards round the globe. Federally recognized as a non-profit organization. Now expanded its reach all across the globe with its office in USA, Canada & Other International Chapters and representative offices. CIAC has established high standards of excellence and quality assurance. CIAC is currently serving and accrediting Educational Institutions, Healthcare & Wellness setups and Food & Beverages, Real Estate, Gems & Jewelery for offering them Better Business Practices Membership.


What Some of Our Accredited Institutions
are Saying about Us!

ARC-Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Institute (ESDI), INDIA

We are very appreciative of CIAC and its efforts in bringing our institute to a global level, as soon as we receive our candidacy approval we will present it to our board, its extremely helpful in setting up our accreditation standards to the next level. We are looking forward to the CIAC magazine as soon as it launches.

CIAC Accreditation Processin 7 simple steps

The applicant institution completes the order form for the application manual.

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Fill in your Application online, offline or through a consultant.


CIAC will evaluate the information provided in the application for accreditation within seven (7) days .

Document Submission

On successful evaluation, submit documents to validate the information provided in the application.


Candidacy status marks your organization/ institution as eligible for full accreditation. you will receive points, profile score & a letter.

Audit Visit

Members of CIAC audit team will visit your organization/ institution to validate the documents & info thus submitted for accreditation.

Full Accreditation

After satisfactory audit your organization/ institution will be granted the status of full accreditation along with final points and star ratings through certificates.


CIAC Consultants will work on areas which need improvements to enhance the star rating of your organization / institution.

Our Global Presence

  • India

  • Australia

  • Belgrade

  • Canada

  • Dubai

  • Egypt

  • Fiji

  • Ghana

  • Greece

  • Hong Kong

  • Jordan

  • Lithuania

  • Macau

  • Malaysia

  • Nigeria

  • Philippines

  • Portugal

  • Russia

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Sierra Leonean

  • South Korea

  • Sri Lanka

  • Surinam

  • Turkey

  • United Kingdom

  • USA

Benchmarking Quality Assurance Standards Globally throuth CIAC Accreditaion