CIAC Launches


Apply Now and check your Eligibility.

CIAC Launches


Apply Now and check your Eligibility.

CIAC Global


For Education, Healthcare & Wellness and F&B Bodies Worldwide

Benchmarking Global Standards


Stringent Quality Assurance Norms

CIAC Quality Ratings For

Healthcare & Wellness
Food & Beverages

Coming up in Real Estate and Gems & Jewelry

120+ Consultants, Global
Partners & Affiliates


With International Recognition and Global Acceptance

Building Representative Network Globally


Inviting applications to join as volunteer to the Board of Advisers.

CIAC Global
Quality Assurance


For Academic Institutions, Healthcare & Wellness Facilities and F&B Outlets

Over 150 Affiliate Partners


Enjoy the Business Opportunity of Working Globally

Over 15000 Professionals from Leading
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Benchmarking International Standards Round the Globe

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CIAC for Education
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CIAC for Education

If you are an educational institution, CIAC Accreditation for Education is specially designed for you. It represents your institution's commitment to providing quality education which is on a par with the global standards. We as a third party shall evaluate and certify your institution's quality work and also help in maintaining and improving it.

CIAC for Healthcare & Wellness
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CIAC for Healthcare & Wellness

If you are an organization providing services which fall under the category of healthcare & wellness, you can take advantage of CIAC Accreditation for Healthcare & Wellness. Our team of experts from the healthcare industry and specialized panel of auditors will help your organization to provide quality services according to the international standards.

CIAC for Food & Beverages
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CIAC for Food & Beverages

Are you a restaurant, cafe or any other F&B outlet committed to offering a top quality service to your customers? If yes, then you can greatly benefit from CIAC Accreditation for Food & Beverages outlets. CIAC Accreditation serves as a testament for that. As a matter of fact you can't claim that you are better than others, CIAC does it for you.

Benefits of the CIAC Accreditation

  • Improvement
  • Recognition
  • Promotion
  • Networking
  • Quality Control
  • Conflict Resolution

CIAC Accreditation Process

  • Application
  • Dossier Submission
  • Candidacy Status
  • Audit
  • Full Accreditation
  • Melioration

Become A Volunteer

  • Apply to Volunteer
  • Volunteer Profiles
  • Evaluator Documents
  • Volunteer Training
  • Value of Peer Review
  • Code of Conduct

CIAC is a private, non-governmental, self regulated and fastest growing accreditation/rating agency working towards improvement of quality assurance standards round the globe. Many organizations worldwide are applying for their CIAC Quality Assurance certification.

CIAC Accredited Organizations Are Entitled To

Get Accreditation by the CIAC

Get Accreditation by the CIAC

Use the CIAC name and seal

Use the CIAC name and seal

Receive an Accreditation Certificate

Receive an Accreditation Certificate

Get support for building your international network

Get support for building your international network

Get promoted on CIAC social media

Get promoted on CIAC social media

Use the CIAC monitoring and feedback services

Use the CIAC monitoring and feedback services

Be periodically informed of any comments received on its behalf

Be periodically informed of any comments received on its behalf

Promote their organization through CIAC Network worldwide

Promote their organization through CIAC Network worldwide


The Confederation of International Accreditation Commission - CIAC is a private, non-governmental, self regulated and fastest growing accreditation/rating agency working towards improvement of quality assurance standards round the globe. Federally recognized as a non-profit organization started in affiliation from CIHF, India now expanded its reach all across the globe with its office in USA, Canada & Other International Chapters and representative offices. CIAC has established high standards of excellence and quality assurance. CIAC is currently serving and accrediting Educational Institutions, Healthcare & Wellness setups and Food & Beverages outlets. And is soon coming up with new verticals like Real Estate and Gems & Jewelery.

About CIAC

Some of our main key objectives for all associated bodies are to assess and accredit the organizations serving under the verticals of Education, Healthcare & Wellness and Food & Beverages.

CIAC Primarily Helping non-government regulated education setups, hospitals and wellness centres and food & beverages outlets worldwide to have good business processes, good business processes to be better and better business processes to be the best.

The mission of the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission (CIAC) for Quality Assurance is to contribute significantly to the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of global serving standards at a high level, and to act as a major driving force for the development of quality assurance across the globe in most of the countries.

The Board is the executive body of CIAC. It is elected by the General Assembly and convenes at least quarterly to discuss current issues. The President of the Board acts also as the President of the whole association.

The main policy and decision-making body of CIAC is the General Assembly, which is composed of the member organizations of the Association and has International global ministerial representatives/trustees and stakeholders as observers. The General Assembly convenes once a year.


What Some of Our Accredited Institutions are Saying about Us!

  • CIAC has assisted in moving our college to the next level and provide us a differentiation in our market. My experience was great. I was able to take away some useful information back to my team and plan to implement some changes based on what I learned. This was a great effort and it was very detailed and impressive. Great job!
    Dr. Surendra Bakshi (Innovator & Educationist)
  • Just wanted to send everyone a note of thanks for all the ideas and concepts that were shared during the process. Along with the excellent class materials, I was able to learn and pick up quite a few new ideas and methodologies during the audit and for that I want to say thanks to one and all.
    Nish Sen
  • It was an exceptionally fulfilling experience! Learning new approaches, sharing ours, clarifying/validating the best practices we employ and networking in an open, engaging and interactive environment.
    Jone Smith (USA)
  • I was especially excited for our Company to invest in the CIAC Accreditation to become certified in the area that is very important to our system. The price was affordable and the timing was accommodating. The information provided was organized and flowed well and the feeling was unanimous that this recognition was well worth the resources spent. All of us took ideas and examples from the course that we will use in our monitoring and providing feedback for our faculties.
    Petter Sen
  • CIAC assessed the quality of our courses and academic education as per International standards. Our students and institutes both have benefitted by this system of assessment. I wish great success to CIAC.
    Indian Management Academy- IMA, Ahmedabad, India
  • It was indeed very much a good experience for us, it’s a very practical approach and (the process) was very enjoyable, informative, and beneficial for our institute and students alike. I am eagerly looking forward to CIAC's next visit to our institute
  • We are very appreciative of CIAC and its efforts in bringing our institute to a global level, as soon as we receive our candidacy approval we will present it to our board, its extremely helpful in setting up our accreditation standards to the next level. We are looking forward to the CIAC magazine as soon as it launches.
    IMA-Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Institute (ESDI), INDIA
  • By virtue of system & structure in its place, there is a holistic view to working culture. This has enabled the organization to be professional in all its ventures; we wish CIAC a great success
  • We've been looking into every possible aspect of improving our institute like leadership, so for that we've done a lot of research and efforts to bring our leadership to international standards. Therefore having our institute highlighted by CIAC is a great accomplishment for us, we wish CIAC a great future and hope CIAC to reach the pinnacle in accreditation system.
    International B-School (IMA-IBS), INDIA

CIAC Accreditation Processin 7 simple steps

The applicant institution has to follow the CIAC accreditation process in order to gain full accreditation.

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Fill in your Application cum Self-Assessment form which is available on request.


The CIAC will send the application for accreditation and procedure manual to the institution within seven (7) days .

Dossier Submission

Provide essential documents to validate the information submitted earlier in the application cum self-assessment form.

Candidacy Status

Post application and dossier submission your institution becomes eligible for CIAC Accreditation. Followed by a Candidacy Approval Letter for the same.


CIAC empaneled auditors shall make a physical visit to your institution to validate the documents & information submitted earlier.

Full Accreditation

After visit & audit you shall be eligible for full accreditation along with audit report, rating profile score, certificate, seal & benefits


CIAC's Quality Consultants will work regularly for improving your evaluation report and profile score through periodic recommendations.

Our Global Presence

  • India

  • Australia

  • Belgrade

  • Canada

  • Dubai

  • Egypt

  • Fiji

  • Ghana

  • Greece

  • Hong Kong

  • Jordan

  • Lithuania

  • Macau

  • Malaysia

  • Nigeria

  • Philippines

  • Portugal

  • Russia

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Sierra Leonean

  • South Korea

  • Sri Lanka

  • Surinam

  • Turkey

  • United Kingdom

  • USA

Benchmarking Quality Assurance Standards Globally through CIAC Accreditation