Appeals and Complaints Committee

It is stated in the CIAC policies that there shall be an Appeals and Complaints Committee, which will hear appeals and complaints against decisions and the conduct of procedures in respect of membership matters done by the CIAC Board.

The Composition of the Committee

The Appeals and Complaints Committee will comprise four representatives of Full members of CIAC. The members of the Committee are nominated by the CIAC Board and appointed by the General Assembly for a three-year term. The members of the Committee will serve continuously a maximum of six years.

The Committee members are:

  • Prof. Dr. GD Singh – President, CIAC – ASIA
  • Neetu Marwah – Honorary Board Advisor, CIAC – ASIA
  • Alok Mathur – Head Asia Operations, CIAC, INDIA

The Appeals Procedure

A body whose application for membership is not accepted by the CIAC Board may appeal in writing to the Board, specifying the basis of the appeal.

The appeal shall be submitted within two calendar months from the date of receipt of the Board’s decision.

The appeal should be sent to the Director of CIAC, at

The Board will ask the Appeals and Complaints Committee to review the decision, and the Board’s decision on the appeal will be based on the Committee’s report. The Board’s decision on appeals is final and binding on all.