Procedure for the admission of affiliates 

This document outlines the procedure to be followed on the receipt of a request for affiliation with CIAC.

Step 0: Informal inquiry

Before approaching CIAC formally to request affiliate status, it is advisable that an applicant body makes an informal approach to the Secretariat. The Secretariat will be able to advise the potential applicant body as to whether it is likely to fit the fundamental criteria required and, if so, how to progress the application through the formal stages.

Step 1: Receipt of formal letter of request

The formal request for either affiliate status should take the form of a letter to the Board, and to be submitted via the Secretariat. The letter should include:

  • A request for affiliate status. This should include a statement of why the applicant body wishes to establish a formal relationship with CIAC.
  • Contact details including the website address (if available).
  • A brief introduction to the applicant body including an outline of the:

−  constitution;

−  mission statement;

−  summary of current activities.

The applicant body may also submit additional documentation for consideration by the Board i.e. an annual report, major publications etc. The key information should, however, be included in the letter of request.

Step 2: Consideration by the Board

The letter of request will be considered by the Board at the earliest possible opportunity. In its deliberation the Board will seek the answer to several key questions based from the information provided:

  • Is the applicant body a bona fide Organisation?
  • Does it have a genuine interest in the quality assurance benchmarking globally?
  • Does it fit the definition of an affiliate body as given in the statutes of CIAC?

If the above questions can be answered in the affirmative the Board will then consider:

  • Is it in the interests of CIAC and its membership to enter a formal relationship with the applicant body?

If this is also answered in the affirmative then it is likely that the Board will grant affiliate status. If the Board is unable to reach a conclusion, they reserve the right to request further evidence – oral or documentary – from the applicant body.

Step 3: Communication of decision to requesting body

The decision of the Board will be communicated to the applicant body by letter. If the request for affiliate status has been agreed then the body will be:

  • Notified of the annual affiliate fee (payable within 3 months of receipt of notificationof a successful request);
  • Added to the CIAC contacts list;
  • Given access to the password protected area of the CIAC website;
  • Entitled to publicly state that it is an affiliate of

In the letter it will be explicitly mentioned, however, that the affiliates are not entitled to call themselves CIAC members and will not have voting rights.

If the request for affiliate status is rejected, the reasons for the decision will be communicated to the applicant body. As, however, affiliate status is granted at the discretion of the Board. There is no right of appeal.

Step 4: Endorsement by the General Assembly

New affiliates are formerly endorsed by CIAC members at the following General Assembly.

In addition to membership, CIAC has another type of formalized relationship with other bodies, Affiliation. Affiliates of CIAC are not members of the Association. Bodies that do not wish to, or for whatever reason are unable to, apply to become members of CIAC may request affiliate status within CIAC.


An Affiliate body shall be a bona fide Organisation or agency with a demonstrable interest in the quality assurance of higher education.

Application procedure

An application for affiliation with CIAC should be made in the form of a letter addressed to the CIAC Board. This should include a brief introduction to the body concerned, key contact details, and a statement formally requesting Affiliate status. A decision shall then be made by the Board as to whether CIAC agrees to the request; the decision shall be communicated by letter. The Board may request further information before making its decision. The Board’s decision shall be brought to the General Assembly for final endorsement.


Affiliates shall be entitled to receive CIAC publications and attend events, and be given access to the password protected parts of the CIAC website. They shall not however, be entitled to call themselves ‘members’ of CIAC and shall have no voting or eligibility rights.