Benefits of CIAC BBP Accredited Membership

Business are meant to run for success; anything which contributes in it ought to be adopted & practiced. CIAC Better Business Practices is a collection of proven business styles, time tested in major industries for excellent results. When adopted through CIAC BBP Accredited Membership, it ensures that certain merits immediately shoot up in performance, contributing in the success of an organization. Some of the benefits that have been proven to have been enjoyed by CIAC BBP members are as listed below:

  • Continuous Overall Performance Improvement
  • Increased Efficiency of the Organization
  • Enhancing Reputation of the Organization
  • Building Trust & Credibility
  • Customer Satisfaction & Confidence
  • Customer Retention
  • Increase in Organization Business
  • CIAC BBP Accreditation Seal
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
1. Continuous Overall Performance Improvement

Due to inspiration through CIAC Star Ratings and constant counselling, CIAC BBP Accredited members enjoy continuous performance improvement. It has been found that most organizations seek for best performances from its employees and other resources but few know exactly how to achieve it. CIAC has perfected its standards in most industry verticals from a decade long practice of better business styles which it shares with its members and guide them through a well defined system to follow the right tracks for better performance. And this practice continues not only for an initial period but indefinitely, improving the score card of its member organizations constantly. Constant performance improvement gives a sense of growth to both management and its employees which is an HR inspiration at no extra cost, also helping in retaining its employees as a by product.

2. Increased Efficiency of the Organization

CIAC Better Business Practices help organizations in streamlining their business processes & methodology, resulting in better utilization of available resources, increasing overall efficiency of the accredited organization.

It has been found that a good number of organizations have found new ways of process improvement after becoming member of CIAC Better Business Practices. CIAC’s style of working through star ratings based on the performance of its members, constantly keeps the fire burning under their feet for doing better all the time. However, CIAC’s efforts are not only limited to inspiring them but also to counsel them for adopting better practices which would yield better performance results with the same resources. A well tuned machine is bound to perform with improved efficiency than a machine which has alignment problems. On top of that, regular oiling keeps all rubbing parts in proper shape, which CIAC does in organizations in the guise of its counselling.

3. Enhancing Reputation of the Organization

CIAC Global BBP Accredited Membership has established itself during last decade through immense hardship and sincerity to the extent that its endorsement is marked with the symbol of workmanship & quality. It’s accreditation carries the aroma of international standards which if found before a brand, enhances the value of it many folds. CIAC doesn’t easily endorse the processes before a thorough check on them which is the reason it carries a value far & wide. Its also generally believed that CIAC pushes its member organizations to its limits in performance by utilizing  the available resources to the fullest. Not only that, CIAC would always advice member organizations to keep updating its resources through market research & proper training  so that a growth takes place which is not limited by any constraints.

4. Building Trust & Credibility

A performing product or service would always earn praises from its users but a trust or credibility is built from sustained actions or performances. A good product can be easily built by improving processes and raw material quality but sustaining to that level at all times is not so easy. For sustained performance such processes are required which are sustained in their actions along with other resources with sustained quality measures.

CIAC BBP helps organizations build a system which gives consistent output through improved processes even to regularize the quality of Raw Material. A consistent good quality performance of a brand builds trust amongst its users and a trusted brand creates loyal clients who don’t want to leave the brand in a short run.

5. Customer Satisfaction & Confidence

Customer satisfaction is a mind game. People think that a quality product or service always ensures customer satisfaction but its not true. Many excellent products have often failed to bring in satisfaction in their users and on the other hand many not so quality conscious products won the heart of their consumers. Then, where is the key? The key is in the mind of users….their perception of the benefits that they reap by consuming a product or service. What they actually enjoy might be different from what they perceived to have enjoyed.

The perception of a product or service comes from the system around the users which includes the marketed value of it, references that other users give, how the competitors treat it, the price index and above all the endorsement that it receives from a reputed accreditation agency like CIAC Global. Such endorsements by an approved third party agencies which is reputed for its own quality standards leave no doubt in users mind even if his own experience is not so great about the product or service. CIAC BBP Accredited Membership enhances customer satisfaction and confidence in an apparently average product or service.

6. Customer Retention

A happy & healthy business tends to keep its customers also happy & confident. Happy customers are those who choose to remain loyal to brands. Through a survey in 2001, it was found that usually customers take time in becoming loyal to a brand but once grown confident about its performance, its tough to turn them away from it. In short, a CIAC BBP Accredited Member organization always finds it easy to retain its customers through the better business practices that it adopts while working with CIAC. Organizations spend a fortune in making their clients loyal to their brands through adverts and other promotional means but improving the quality of processes and products / services is seldom amongst them. CIAC, by the virtue of its core objective, helps organizations bring order in their operations & processes which ultimately results in better performance through improved quality. A customer wants nothing but to derive maximum satisfaction from its consumption and if a brand gives him that, he has no intention to leave it.

7. Increase in Business

When such factors as enhanced performance through polished processes, reputation, user trust & confidence, etc. take shape about an organization or its brands, the business, as a by product, is sure to increase in leaps & bounds.  It’s in common practice to have an increase in business by the member organizations of CIAC BBP when the star ratings of their processes go slowly up in ladder. Its not for any other reason but the fact that a systematic process, if adhered to sincerely, will fetch desired results no matter how slow or fast they are. However, a seasoned third party intervention ensures a smooth flow of small changes which, otherwise, are either not deemed important or are ignored completely. An experienced hand like that of CIAC BBP, knows exactly which strings to pull to streamline what processes.

Moreover, CIAC BBP keeps updating its own methodology from time to time based on the newer experiences that it gains while working in so many industries. It uses this hard earned experience in perfecting its own processes which in turn help member organizations with renewed force to bring yet better results.

8. BBP Accreditation Seal

CIAC has become a global synonym for quality standards and so has become its Better Business Practice Accreditation seal which when seen on a brand, automatically gives the perception to new users of its being a high quality product or service. All CIAC BBP Accredited Members receive the seal which they are supposed to use on their brands, giving them a unique and yet reliable endorsement that they have been passed through a process which has been approved by CIAC Global for better business practice. Very well recognized, CIAC BBP seal with a pious torch in blue colour trademark with “BBP” lettering, this Seal of Accreditation tells consumers they have found a business that is reliable, trustworthy and ethical. In most cases, consumers automatically trust brands displaying BBP’s Accreditation Seal and they are much more inclined to do business with a company that has been accredited by BBP.

9. Alternate Dispute Resolution

CIAC BBP not only limits itself to enhancing businesses but can also play a major role in resolving conflicts arising from a dissatisfied customer.  Such services where customer interaction is imminent on daily basis, usually a conflict resolving team works in the background whose job it is to handle such customer complaints but in most of other businesses, customer complaints are handled by the sales department which often finds itself  in the midst of a controversy from which it is not easy to come out clean. CIAC plays the role of a mediator and arbitrator to quickly resolve customer complaints within 36 working hours of a complaint being filed. It not only eases out the member organization’s headache but also restore its reputation with saddened consumers through a smooth conflict resolution process which is consumer-friendly.

CIAC acts as the neutral party while addressing the dispute with the consumer and they are usually resolved through mediation  without any additional charges to the consumer and the business. However, CIAC doesn’t involve in complaints involving law or medically oriented businesses / individuals. In addition, CIAC will not resolve complaints that are in the court system or have been filed in civil court since the dispute is already being worked by another entity.