Confederation of International Accreditation Commission- CIAC members contribute with their diverse academic background and professional career to keep a wide perspective about the standards of Better Business Practices and to consider the frame of reference of different countries and cultures. This multicultural perspective ensures a correct and non-discriminatory approach to interpret the global Better Business Practices standards or external rating of any organisation globally, to recognize their professional excellence, and to provide an invaluable guide about quality assurance rating on a global scale.


Organisations, their heads and individual professionals are welcome to join the CIAC Global Membership. Please send your complete bio data or Curriculum Vitae to the CIAC Secretary with your request to join the CIAC, and a letter explaining how you intend to contribute to the mission, vision & global principals of CIAC and improvement of the Better Business Practices in organizations. Acceptance of any new member is a restricted privilege. If your acceptance is not immediate, we ask you to be patient. We will keep your request for membership in our files for any future options.


  1. You must hold a postgraduate level degree, doctoral candidates & senior profiles are preferred.
  2. You must contribute to follow the mission, vision & global principals of CIAC and demonstrate to work for improvement of Better Business Practices with work, networking or other contributions.
  3. Optional: If possible, you should be recommended by other CIAC member, BBP organizations or selected agencies, approved by the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission- CIAC.
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If you are the owner or an employee of an organization, you may recommend the acceptance of such an organization in the list of CIAC Better Business Practices or BBP Organization at no cost or nominal fees, provided the fact that the organization meets the Better Business Practices standards set forth by the CIAC, or an approved equivalent BBP.

The CIAC Secretary will coordinate all the administrative requirements.

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