Serving on a CIAC evaluation committee is often described by volunteers as “one of the best forms of professional development,” not only because of what is learned about best practices from the BBP standards but also because of the interaction with peers from various sectors. CIAC’s better business practices process depends upon the skills and thoughtful work of individuals who are willing to serve the larger community as volunteers.

Apply to Volunteer

The credibility and effectiveness of the better business practices depend upon the contribution of volunteer evaluators.

Volunteer Profiles

Over 200+ talented experts, who represent all aspects of varied industry sectors, participate as CIAC volunteer evaluators.

Evaluator Documents

CIAC evaluator documents set forth expectations, specific tasks and procedures for examining committee members.

Volunteer Training

Training includes BBP workshops, online courses and one-on-one mentoring before, during and after visits.

Value of Peer Review

Better Business Practices is a practice of peer review and accountability to mutually agreed-upon standards.

Code of Conduct

Volunteers must adhere to protocols, policies and procedures and conduct their work according to these expectations.