CIAC Global Vision

“CIAC, primarily helps non-government regulated organizations improve their business practices as per international standards which in turn would enhance their efficiency through private nongovernmental self-regulations by means of quality assurance rating & BBP.”

Vision Statement

The Confederation of International Accreditation Commission – CIAC was established with a Vision to promote the development and maintenance of quality and ethical standards in major industry verticals, across the globe. The development was made possible by means of standard-setting, evaluation, and consultation processes. The Confederation of International Accreditation Commission- CIAC identifies and accredits organisations that have attained and maintained the standards deemed necessary to operate according to our established quality and BBP criteria i.e. the Better Business Practices. The CIAC is committed to promote high standards of quality assurance benchmarking to recognize professional excellence, and to provide an invaluable guide to quality and recognition in the complex sector for organisations worldwide.