About Us 

ciacl-ogoLet us be a part of your organization’s success story. 

CIAC Global Foundation is registered in the state of Delaware, USA as a private, non-stock corporation engaged in quality assurance rating and accreditation in major industry verticals.

With over 10 years of experience, global presence and extensive network of experts, CIAC for education and CIAC Better Business Practices accredited membership have established high standards of excellence in quality assurance, growing CIAC into a world renowned quality assurance organization working as an alternate accreditation and quality rating agency in education and other key business verticals. CIAC BBP work as an independent assessor and auditing organization dealing in quality ratings and recognition award through self-regulation.

All across the globe, a government accreditation body evaluates organizations and service providers on a regional and/or national policy framework before granting them primary accreditation. However, globalization and rapid expansion of education, manufacturing and service setup all around the world have created the need of a global entity which could evaluate them against internationally proven standards and grant them an internationally recognized private Alternative Accreditation which can act as quality assurance and endorsement of their work. CIAC BBP has worked extensively in education and all the major industry verticals respectively in small, medium and large scale corporations in India & abroad, enhancing the regional accreditation and assuring stakeholders that the principles, policies and procedures of the organizations are up to the international standards of quality assurance.

It’s not only to the organizations that CIAC grants quality rating and accreditation but it also provides accreditation to the professionals and qualified individuals, who wish to have their qualifications and designations endorsed with their academic educational standings and professional experience respectively. Such specialized services are designed to promote international best practices and quality assurance. CIAC professional endorsement & recognition hold to its prestige and reputation and help individuals to gain more mileage in their current positions, enhancing their CV for becoming a more desirable resource to be hired by the global employers thus getting an opportunity to enhance their careers and reach a greater height.

CIAC grants international endorsement and its accreditation through a rigorous evaluation system with the help of external consultants & reviewer team to ensure the best global practices are followed with the help of its regional associates, international chapters & in collaboration with regional accreditation bodies.