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Started in 2009, Confederation of International Accreditation Commission- CIAC is an International, non-governmental, private self-financed quality assurance rating & accrediting body, federally recognized as a non-profit organization started in affiliation from CIHF, INDIA now expanded its reach all across the globe with its office in USA, Canada & Other International Chapters and representative offices. CIAC has established high standards of excellence and quality assurance. CIAC initially started its quality assurance work in the education & healthcare sector and slowly ventured into other allied area such as hospitality catering to the need of quality benchmarking in the food & beverages sector for cafe, restaurants, lounge bar & similar setup.

With its global presence & extensive network of experts, with over around 8 years of time experience CIAC as grown majorly into three domains as a world class International, private organisation working as secondary accreditation & a quality rating agency mainly catering to Education (such as School, College, Institutions & Universities etc.), HealthCare & Wellness (such as Hospitals, Nursing Home, Clinics, Fitness Centre, Spa & Salon, Skin care etc.) & Food & Beverages (Such as Cafe, restaurants, Lounges, Bars etc.). We are working towards formalising the norms for quality assurance in the field of Gems & Jewellery, Real Estate, IT & E Commerce and hopefully plan to launch these verticals very soon before the end of 2017.

CIAC works as international quality assurance agency, working towards improving quality assurance standards of organizations all across the globe. CIAC never claims to be associated with government directly & works as an independent assessor & auditing organisation dealing in quality ratings & recognition award through private, non governmental self regulation. CIAC can be treated as an agency working just after the government in the private sector to enhance & uplift the quality in various sectors.

In the field of education we accredits and assists Private Institutes, Vocational Colleges, Theological Schools, Seminaries, Universities, Colleges and Programs throughout the World. We recognize on Campus, Online, recognition of prior learning (RPL) and Distance Learning.

CIAC also grants recognition to corporations, professionals and qualified individuals. 

A governmental national & Regional accreditation body evaluates education providers on a regional policy framework and grants them Primary Accreditation. However due to globalization and rapid expansion of educational setup all around the world has created the need of a global entity which can evaluate them against internationally proven standards of education and grant them an internationally recognized private Secondary Accreditation which can act as a quality assurance and endorsement of their work. CIAC provides international accreditation to the education providers to serve as external private secondary accreditation, enhance the organization’s regional accreditation and assures stakeholders that the educational program, policies and procedures of the institute, university and school are up to the international standards of quality assurance. CIAC’s represents an organizational commitment to delivering quality which is at par with the global standards. It assures the institutes & its students that their degrees & credits will have increased acceptability around the world, should they decide to study or work abroad.

CIAC also offers international quality rating, accreditation & recognition and endorsement services to small, medium and large scale corporations in India & Abroad. CIAC’s International accreditation for corporates ensures that the organizations are operating according to the CIAC set International principles, policies and comply with highest standards of quality assurance. It recognizes the business corporation’s confidence and trust in your business structure, management & performance. It also provides international recognition of your business &quality practices all across the globe.

In addition to this, CIAC also grants international accreditation services to endorse the qualification & designations for students, teachers & professionals for their academic educational standing and professional experience respectively. The recognition & endorsement services for students, teachers & professionals are specially designed to promote international good practices& quality assurance in academic recognition. CIAC professional endorsements & recognition’s holds to it prestige and reputation and helps the individuals to gain more mileage from its current position to enhance their CV for becoming more desirable resource to be hired by the global employers, thus getting an opportunity to enhance their careers& reach to a greater height.

CIAC grants international endorsement and its accreditation through a rigorous evaluation system with the help of external consultants & reviewer team to ensure the best global practices are followed with the help of its regional associates, international chapters & in collaboration with regional accreditation bodies.

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CIAC provides collaborative assistance, providing resources and development which enables member institutions to maximize student and educational goals.

Our network of accredited institutions in various field in rapidly increasing & we are approaching 200+ educational Institutes, schools, healthcare setups & other F&B outlets in more than 14 countries, and in over 45 states.

We hope that your organisation will join them soon!