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CIAC webinars series delivers on demand learning essentials topics related to accreditation, international accreditation, quality of education, quality assurance, QA in Healthcare & Wellness, Importance of Quality in F&B Sector, general Importance of quality assurance for global standards, professional academic enhancement & various other important and relevant topics towards professional & academic development for building professional networking forum for stakeholders & members. These web-based sessions offer valuable content to the audience in a convenient and an accessible format.

They serve as a one-stop solution that helps increase your knowledge base for institutions, professionals & students at their desk. You will also be able to watch the webinar at your leisure, whether on the day the webinar is taking place or later.

Given below are some benefits you will experience upon attending our webinar series.

Gain & Share Knowledge
With Professionals

Improve institute’s
Educational Standards

Opportunity to Promote
Your institute

Professional Development Opportunity

Increased networking opportunities

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