General Assembly

The main policy and decision-making body of CIAC is the General Assembly, which is composed of the member organizations of the Association and has International global ministerial representatives and stakeholders as observers.

The General Assembly convenes once a year.

The main responsibilities of the General Assembly are to: 

  • elect and dismiss the members of the Board;
  • elect the President and Vice-Presidents of CIAC from amongst the members of the Board;
  • receive, consider and approve the reports of the President and the Director on the activities of the Association;
  • receive, consider and approve CIAC’s annual financial statements, including the annual external audit report;
  • consider and determine the annual budget;
  • establish the level of the annual membership fee to be paid by Full and Associate members;
  • establish the level of the annual fee to be paid by Affiliates;
  • elect the members for the Appeals and Complaints Committee;
  • discharge the Board and the other accountable parties from liability for the accounts after approving the annual external audit report;
  • identify and approve the external auditor and the number of chartered accountants who are to be involved in the annual external audit of CIAC’s accounts;
  • amend CIAC’s rules& policies;
  • approve CIAC’s annual work plan;
  • following a decision of the Board, ratify the admission of new members/affiliates or the exclusion of members/affiliates who are in breach of the CIAC policies;
  • decide, if necessary, upon the relocation of the Secretariat from one country to another, giving one-year’s notice if relocation to another country is to take place;
  • take any decisions or make any recommendations to the Board that are necessary for the satisfactory functioning of CIAC within the framework of the CIAC policies.